Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tyler is 17 Months

It sure is amazing how fast my sweet little boy is growing up. At 17 months his fine motor skills are what impress me the most. The other day I was putting up shelves in the closet and he put the screws in all of the anchors for me. He is also very good at taking the straw out of his juice box and then putting it back! Yesterday he found his night light (not plugged in) and went over to the outlet that we plug in in at . . . and tried to plug it in (thank goodness I was watching to tell him that we DON'T do that.) Ok so here is what else he has mastered . . .

Dancing . . . Clapping . . . Mimicking (sp?) . . . communicating what he wants by pointing and saying "I want that". . . communicating by pointing and saying "what's that?" and then responding with "OK" when we tell him. When he falls down, he quickly looks up and says "OK" to let us know he is not hurt.

Eats with a fork or spoon . . . drinks out of a Big Boy cup (no lid) . . . running . . . fake coughing . . . put things away (usually not in the correct spot, but it's a start).

Plays piano . . . sings karaoke . . . can recognize family members cars. . . can say "DA DA" to daddy . . . Loves to pet the dog.

Can make the following animal noises . . . dog, horse, snake, bear, lion, pig.

Can identify the following body parts . . . head, nose, ears, mouth, tummy, feet (and diaper even though that is not a body part).

Running through the sprinkler . . throwing a ball.