Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fun with Lights . . . and Friends :)


amyparishphotography said...

hmmm...harsh shadows, and kind of small catchlights....are you using strobes or your on camera flash? I have a HUGE softbox that works great with my strobe. Sometimes, though, in a can bounce your big add-on flash (I have a nikon sb800) off a window or wall and get really yummy light...the trick is to diffuse your light in such a way that it feathers your subject and puts a big old catchlight up in their eyes...anyway, I know you didn't ask me for comments, it was just something I noticed. There is a lot of finesse to doing studio lights well....and I had to learn it the hard way 'cuz nobody would tell me the secret! Let me know if you want the specifics on h ow I set up my light and box, or how I bounce. There's also a ton of good studio light advice on ...Tyler is an absolute doll-baby, by the way! Love his cheeks!